What Is A Differential Repair?

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What Is A Differential Repair?

What Is a Differential Car Repair?

A differential doesn’t sound much like a car part, but your car has one and it’s pretty important! Here are three things you need to know about it:

  1. What Is It?

The differential splits the power going to the wheels. A car’s wheels need to rotate at different speeds or distances with regularity, especially when turning. For example, when you turn left, the right wheel has to rotate a bit faster because it has a little bit farther to go than the left one. That’s why it’s called a “differential.” 2-wheel drive cars have this part in the front and 4-wheel drive cars have one on both ends.


  1. When Does It Need Repair?

Cars with high mileage are more likely to need differential repairs. Be on the lookout for these signs that yours might need work:

  • A whistling noise on or near the axle. (Usually one of the first indicators of a problem.)
  • A clunking sound near the axle when accelerating or coasting. (This will get worse over time.)
  • A dragging feeling on the car when coasting.

Don’t ignore these signs and get your vehicle checked out. You will spare yourself a breakdown on the road and potentially more expensive repairs to the axle or transmission.

  1. How Is It Repaired?

Sometimes “fixing” the differential is as easy as adding fluid. (Maintain the differential by making sure the required oil is added as needed.) Unfortunately, if low fluid is not the problem, a differential repair is a complicated task. There are many small parts and special tools required. The mechanic has to take the device apart, check each piece for problems, replace or fix the damaged pieces, and then put the whole thing back together. Often many other parts of the car have to be dismantled just to get to it. The job requires someone who really knows what they’re doing.

If you’re concerned about your car’s differential or know it needs repair, go to someone you can trust. Kingsway Transmission in Ajax has been in the automobile repair business for over 40 years. One of our experts can fix the problem the right way, the first time, and get you back on the road. Call today: (905) 428-8940.