Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Transmission

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Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Transmission

How to Destroy Your Transmission in 4 Easy Steps

To keep your car running and have optimal vehicle health, it’s good to be aware of poor driving and maintenance habits.

The transmission is essential for the smooth operation of your vehicle. However, proper care, use and maintenance are sometimes overlooked. Drivers can unwittingly contribute to the destruction of a transmission well before it’s reached the proper end of its lifetime. Avoid these habits and keep your transmission in tip-top shape:

  1. Overheat your vehicle

Neglecting to check the cooling system or have the radiator maintained will likely overheat your car. The transmission is designed to operate at a temperature no higher than 200° Fahrenheit. Every increase of 20° reduces the lifespan of your transmission. If you successfully over heat your car to 300°F, the transmission’s life will be reduced.

OR …avoid overheating the car and transmission by having cooling systems regularly serviced. Keeping the engine oil clean and changed regularly to reduce this problem.

  1. Play “Doctor” with your transmission

Plenty of OTC additives claim to enhance the performance of your transmission and/or stop leaks. If you would like to shorten the life of your transmission, use these. Many of these additives contain chemicals that cause older seals to warp. These rubber operating parts fail and lead to severe transmission damage.

OR …only use the additives and transmission fluid specified by your owner’s manual. A qualified transmission specialist can also make recommendations for the care of your transmission.

  1. Allow fluid levels to go unchecked

Fluid doesn’t need to be completely depleted for a transmission to begin deteriorating, but its lack will speed up the process. Transmission fluid protects the inner workings, keeping things cool and lubricated. When it runs low, the transmission is vulnerable to damage.

OR … keep the proper fluid levels in your transmission system at all times. Checking fluid levels should be a part of a regular driver or oil change inspection. If it begins to look dirty, the fluid will need to be replaced.

  1. Abuse the drivetrain

Next time you are stuck in the snow, mud or sand, burn out your transmission by trying to “rock” your way out of this jam. Quickly shifting between Drive and Reverse can place a lot of strain on the mechanism. This strain is multiplied when repeated over and over again.

OR …you can save time, cash, and your car by calling a tow truck. You could also use a shovel to dig your way out, using sand or kitty litter to help with the tires’ traction.

Bonus hints

Other habits to avoid include driving-off road (unless you have a 4X4 off-road vehicle), idling for extended periods of time, and using your vehicle to plow snow.
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