Five Signs of Automatic Transmission Problems

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Five Signs of Automatic Transmission Problems

All car owners eventually experience that awful moment when their vehicle will not run properly. While some car troubles are inevitable, timely maintenance and knowing early signs of problems can help save money and prevent aggravation.

Things you need to know about your automatic transmission:

Transmissions are the heart of a car, and (much like the heart of a human) they often give early symptoms when something is not right. Here are the five most common warning signs that your automatic transmission may be failing.


  • Strange odours or burning smell – Transmission fluid has a slightly sweet scent; if you detect it in your garage or driveway make an appointment for a checkup. If you notice a burning smell, the transmission could be overheating, breaking down the liquid.


  • Evidence of leaks – Transmission leaks are one of the most common types of fluid leakages. If you see drips on your driveway, there is a good chance the transmission is leaking.


  • Stalling – If your car stalls at red lights and then quickly restarts, you may have a problem with your vehicle’s transmission lines. (If the lines are leaking or blocked, the transmission is not getting enough fluid, causing the car to stall.)


  • Failure to accelerate – When you step on the gas pedal and if your car’s motor revs, instead of accelerating, the transmission is likely “slipping.” If this happens, take quick action to prevent the need for replacing your transmission entirely.


  • Difficulty shifting – An automatic transmission should shift smoothly and quietly. If there is a hesitation, loud sound, or shaking and vibrating as you accelerate — you likely have a transmission problem.

The best way to minimize transmission problems is to take immediate action. Kingsway Transmission is ready to help. We offer free towing services and free inspections; we stand behind our work with a three year/60,000 km warranty. If you are experiencing any of the warning signs of transmission failure, save yourself the time and cost of extensive repair or replacement and call us at (905) 428-8940. We are here to help!